Exersia is an Australian owned and operated brand that strives to produce high-quality, effective, and modern solutions to improve performance, movement, and connection. We are inspired by our community, whether they’re recovering from injury, managing pain or disability, chasing that next personal best, or catching up with friends pain free. We are proud to be supporting people to move towards their health and fitness goals.

"Move Towards"

Our motto, "Move Towards," encapsulates the essence of our brand's purpose.

It goes beyond physical movement; it represents
a mindset of continuous growth and advancement in any aspect of your life. At Exersia, we believe in the power of progress and the transformative impact it has on individuals. Our products are designed to ignite this momentum, enabling you to move closer to your aspirations, whether they are fitness-related or extend to other areas of your life.

By embracing the philosophy of "Move Towards," you embark on a journey of self-improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support you to achieve a life of performance, movement and connection.





Founder, Ethan Gately

Striving to help people achieve their goals on a large scale, Ethan’s happy approach to life and his experience as an elite athlete is reflected in Exersia’s drive and direction as a brand.

Our Core Values

Our values originate from experience, knowledge, and our direction for the future. Established by Exersia’s team, our values are personally lived by today and will continue to shape our future.

Our core values are: