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Should You Invest In A Massage Gun?

Should You Invest In A Massage Gun?

If you’re like most other fitness enthusiasts, working out is an important part of your overall health and wellbeing!

However, going to work during the day whether you are sitting in the office or on your feet, can cause you to feel sore and tired making it difficult to keep up with yourself.

This may be from a few causes that are very simple to treat and overcome by yourself.

So, is a massage gun the right tool for you?

One of the most affordable, accessible, and easiest forms of self-treatment is percussion therapy.


What is percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy is a massage technique designed to treat soft tissue pain such as sore muscles.  

How does it work?

Percussion therapy can be done quickly and easily by anyone because of self-treatment devices such as massage guns.

Massage guns work by producing quick and repetitive strikes to the muscle designed to relieve muscle tension and soreness and increase blood flow to the treated area.


5 signs a massage gun is right for you

1. You have extremely sore muscles 

If you have extremely sore muscles, you may be experiencing the symptoms of Delayed Onset Muscle soreness or DOMS.

DOMS is a very sore/aching feeling you may experience after doing unfamiliar or intense exercise.

Although DOMS cannot always be completely avoided, there are a few ways you can reduce the severity of the symptoms.

If you’re experiencing DOMS, one of the most effective ways of reducing symptoms is from improving your recovery routine post-workout.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your post-workout recovery routine is with a massage gun.

Exersia’s massage gun is lightweight with long lasting battery life making is easy for you to recover on the go after your workouts! 

2. You get stiff muscles after working out 

We get it!

In the fast pace of your days, fitting a workout into your schedule is hard enough, so having a good warm down routine may seem near impossible!

This is where a massage gun can work in with you.

Whether you’re on your way out from your workout or at work, a massage gun is a rapid way to relieve your muscles and increase circulation to prevent stiffness and recover faster!

Exersia’s massage gun has been designed with very low noise output, making your massage gun sessions accessible from virtually anywhere! 

3. You don't have time to warm up before workouts  

Neglecting warming up your muscles before a workout has an impact on how your body performs during workouts, how it feels after your workouts, and preventing injuries.

What does a good warm up look like? And how long should it be?

A good warmup routine should feel like your body is warm and ready to progress into the bigger movements of the workout.

An effective warmup needs to engage the same muscle groups that will be used throughout the workout.

For example, if you are preparing for a weight’s session focusing on your shoulders and chest, your warmup should be focused on your shoulders and chest.

An ideal warm-up should raise your body temperature and increase blood flow to your muscles.

A massage gun is great for this!

Within 30 seconds, a massage gun increases blood flow to the muscle it’s being applied to, making it the perfect tool to help you warm up when time is against you!

4. You experience pain and fatigue from your office job

If you’re sitting at a desk for your job, there’s no doubt that you’ve experienced pain and fatigue from sitting for extended periods of time!

So how can you manage pain and fatigue in the office? Or even better, how can you prevent it all together?

Percussion or massage therapy is a great solution!

This form of therapy will relieve muscle tension and soreness by increasing blood flow to the treated area.

With Exersia’s massage gun, you can self-treat office pain and fatigue quickly and quietly!

Simply take 30sec to 5min in between breaks or while working to use the massage gun on sore or fatigued areas, and feel productivity and comfort increase!

5. You're a tradie or in the retail industry

If you’re a tradie or working in the retail industry, chances are you’re on your feet for most of your working day.

So if your body’s often sore and fatigued, you’re not alone!

Is your work leaving you too sore to work out?

Working with muscle pain and fatigue is not only unpleasant but may also be seriously affecting your ability to perform in your workouts or even workout at all.

So how can you self-manage pain and fatigue from physical labour?

Percussion therapy is an effective and accessible form of self-treatment that will release built up muscle tension and increase blood flow to relieve pain and fatigue in any sore muscles.

Whether you’re on the tools or serving customers, Exersia’s massage gun is light, mobile, and always ready as your personal masseuse!

This makes it the perfect solution to recover while at work, creating more freedom in your workouts!


Using Percussion therapy is an effective and accessible form of self-treatment for many people.

Whether You:

  • Have extremely sore muscles
  • Get stiff muscles after working out
  • Don't have time to warm up before workouts
  • Experience pain and fatigue from your office job
  • Are a tradie or in the retail industry

    Exersia’s massage gun may be the perfect tool to help you move towards your health and fitness goals pain free!


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