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Do Recovery Boots Reduce Swelling?

Do Recovery Boots Reduce Swelling?

Compression therapy has been thoroughly researched on its effectiveness in reducing swelling and recovery.  

In the past, compression therapy used garments such as compression bandages and stockings. 

As research continued and the demand for the form of therapy grew, So did the innovation!

This has produced Pneumatic Compression Boots. 

What are recovery boots?

Recovery boots are comfortable boot-like structured devices that provide variations of compression to the legs which assists the body with its natural recovery process.

What benefits are recovery boots best known for?

  • Reduce swelling by assisting lymphatic drainage
  • Speed up injury and sports recovery
  • Reduce muscle soreness through applied compression therapy
  • Reduce the symptoms of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Increase blood circulation by "flushing" waste fluids


Are you an athlete or working out regularly?

If you’re an athlete or a person with a keen interest in fitness, recovery boots may be beneficial for you!

A study undergone in 2018 by the International Journal of Exercise Science concluded that using recovery boots daily significantly decreased swelling in the muscles and other post-workout symptoms.

As an athlete or fitness lover, people are always keen to improve. However poor recovery in between sessions is far too often the downfall of consistency and improvement.

This is where recovery boots can help you!

As supported in the above study, recovery boots improve recovery by increasing blood circulation from the compression. This carries more oxygen to the muscles which helps improve recovery.

As a result, recovery boots may be the key to help you get back to doing what you love sooner!

Disclaimer: If you suffer from the following condition, we highly recommend you seek professional medical advice and approval before using recovery boots.

Are you suffering from Lymphedema?

Recovery boots are a well-studied form of therapy backed by medical professionals for numerous conditions in the legs!

Many studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Pneumatic Compression Therapy (recovery boots) on patients who suffer from Lymphedema.

Research conducted by the Journal of Vascular Surgery evaluated the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of recovery boot systems for patients with Lymphedema.

The study found that the average limb size was reduced by 5% per session and was found to be most effective in the lower limb of patients. They also concluded that Pneumatic Compression Therapy (recovery boots) showed significant long-term benefits for 70% of patients.

Whilst research supports the use of recovery boots for people suffering from Lymphedema, it is important to discuss whether recovery boots are right for you with your doctor or health care professional. 

Whether you are:

  • An athlete trying to improve your performance and recovery
  • A fitness enthusiast
  • Trying to improve circulation in your legs, or
  • Suffering Lymphedema

Exersia’s Recovery Boots are a great tool to help you move towards your health and fitness goals!

Exersia’s Recovery Boots are easy to set up and pack up. With a carefully designed control panel you can now have a completely personalised experience every single time!

Take control over:

  • The compression patterns with 6 different modes
  • The duration of your recovery boot sessions
  • The desired pressure of compression, and
  • The ability to skip past any sore or injured parts of your legs

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