Tips To Elevate Your Recovery Routine

Tips To Elevate Your Recovery Routine

Are you an active person or athlete who is constantly trying to get fitter faster?

  • Are you often very sore in between workouts?
  • Or maybe you're trying to break through to your next level but you feel like you've hit a wall?


why is your body sore after a workout?

When you workout, the muscles in your body get minuscule tears in them. To see progress from your workouts, the minuscule tears then repair themselves to adapt to the load they are put under.

If your body is extremely sore in between workouts, you will likely be experiencing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). This is a sore, aching feeling that occurs after unfamiliar or intense exercise.

When treated poorly, DOMS will significantly affect an athlete’s ability to perform at a consistent level due to stiff and sore muscles.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine The symptoms of DOMS will most likely occur between 12-24 hours after a workout.

Are you experiencing DOMS?

Here is a list of the most common symptoms experienced from DOMS

  • Muscles that are tender to touch
  • Swelling in the effected muscles
  • Dehydration
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Increased muscle fatigue
  • Temporary loss of strength

Now that you understand why you may be sore after a workout,


How can you prevent Soreness?

The number one prevention starts with your recovery routine!

Although the workout itself is very important, your recovery plays a huge role in improving and preventing setbacks like injuries.

When your muscles are recovering, important nutrients and oxygen is carried through your blood and circulates through the recovering muscles. Wastes such as lactic acids are also flushed out through your metabolism and lymphatic system.

In your legs, your body’s natural recovery process can be assisted and sped up by recovery boots.


What are Recovery Boots? 

Recovery Boots are boot-like devices that are designed to enhance your natural recovery process.

Recovery Boots do this by applying directly controlled pressure through sequential squeezes to your legs. This form of compression enhances blood flow and circulation, assists in swell control through assisting lymph node function, and flushes wastes such as lactic acid.

What are the benefits of recovery boots?

  • Reduces symptoms of DOMS
  • Speeds up recovery times
  • Reduces the risk of injury to legs
  • Enhances blood flow and circulation
  • Significantly reduces swelling


What should your recovery routine look like?

 To ensure you get the most out of your workouts and can continue to perform at a high level in future sessions, having a simple and consistent recovery routine is essential! 

4 tips to help you improve your recovery routine! 

1. Sleep 

Getting adequate sleep is a must do when it comes to your recovery!

When you sleep, your muscles will have an increase in blood flow. This carries oxygen and nutrient supplies that help recover muscles and regenerate cells. 

Ideally, you should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night for the best recovery!

2. Hydration 

Staying on top of your hydration is another essential for recovery!

Males over the age of 18 should consume about 4 litres of water per day.

And Females over 18 should consume about 3 litres of water per day.

3. Nutrition 

Your nutrition is your fuel to recovery!

Having a well balanced nutrition will assist in all aspects of your recovery and overall health. 

4. Recovery boots 

Consistently incorporating 30 min of recovery boots as a part of your recovery routine will significantly speed up recovery times and reduce muscle soreness, swelling and fatigue. 

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