Common QuestionsShould You Invest In A Massage Gun?

Should You Invest In A Massage Gun?

If you’re like most other fitness enthusiasts, working out is an important part of your overall health and wellbeing! However, going to work during the day whether you are sitting in the office or ...

Common QuestionsDo Recovery Boots Reduce Swelling?

Do Recovery Boots Reduce Swelling?

Compression therapy has been thoroughly researched on its effectiveness in reducing swelling and recovery.   In the past, compression therapy used garments such as compression bandages and stockin...

RecoveryTips To Elevate Your Recovery Routine

Tips To Elevate Your Recovery Routine

Are you an active person or athlete who is constantly trying to get fitter faster? Are you often very sore in between workouts? Or maybe you're trying to break through to your next level but you f...