Resistance Bands Pack

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Introducing the Exersia Resistance Bands Pack– the epitome of harmonising comfort without compromising on performance. Crafted with meticulous precision, these bands redefine your training experience. Revel in the luxurious comfort offered by the superior cotton material, seamlessly enveloping you in a cocoon of support as you challenge your limits. Forget about the inconvenience of short-lived, painful rubber bands. Exersia's solution is your key to enduring durability, ensuring consistent resistance throughout every session. Elevate your fitness journey with a touch of indulgence, guided by the unwavering performance of Exersia Resistance Bands Pack. 

Join the movement alongside Australia's top health professionals and countless athletes. Move Towards your health goals with Exersia. 

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Resistance Bands Pack

Elevate your training and rehabilitation endeavours with the Exersia Resistance Bands Pack. Designed to enhance your experience without the need for revolutionary changes, these bands offer unparalleled comfort. Crafted with your well-being in mind, they seamlessly integrate into your routine, providing the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. Unleash the potential for improved performance and progress, as these bands effortlessly accompany you on your journey to strength and recovery. Embrace the comfort-driven transformation that Exersia brings to your training and rehab, making every step of your fitness journey a gratifying and productive experience.

The Science

Unlock a realm of benefits with the Exersia Resistance Bands Pack. Serving as an intelligent alternative to the conventional weight lifting load, these bands introduce a fresh dimension to your regimen. Elevate your exercise routine with heightened muscle stimulus, amplifying the effectiveness of each movement. Embrace the safety net they offer, significantly lowering the risk of injury during weight-associated exercises. In addition, these bands cater to your rehabilitation needs by delivering tension without the burden of a load, ensuring a nurturing approach to your recovery. The Exersia Resistance Bands Pack redefine your exercise paradigm, enhancing not just your physical prowess, but also your journey to lasting well-being.

Exercise with confidence using Exersia's resistance bands featuring double-stitched edges for enhanced durability. Trust in their quality and reliability to withstand your toughest workouts without compromising performance.

Created to be comfortable. Made from cotton with a grip woven design so you can be your best without the pain from rubber pulling at your skin.


Levels Resistance


Machine Washable


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